Family Impact

Hiv and aids – Through the Umoja approach for Church & Community Mobilisation, church leaders and their active church members deal with problems in their community.

Family Aids Caring Trust

This programme aims to improve Sexual Reproductive Health status and  livelihoods initiatives among young people (15-24 years) in Eastern Zimbabwe (Manicaland) in Mutare rural and Bikita.FACT adopts the STAR methodology to address issues affecting young people. STAR as a participatory approach that facilitates the mobilisation of people and communities affected or living with HIV and AIDS by providing a system for mutual reflection, planning and collective action. It also offers an integrated response using a tri-focal lens of gender, human rights and HIV and AIDS. 

River of Life Evangelical Church

Local farmers are trained in ‘conservation farming’: by applying mulching and minimal soil disturbance in crop production, they are able to produce a double harvest compared to the traditional way of farming.


Hiv and aids – A local health expert shares her expertise with partner organisations in order to help them improve the quality of their HIV and health programs.


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