Asociacion Cristiana Evangelica para el Desarrollo

Through Umoja approach (Church & Community Mobilsation), churches are equipped how to utilize their talents and resources for slum dwellers. People are trained to establish vegetable gardens, that cater for better nutrition especially for children. Communal gardens sell their products to local slum restaurants. Women learn skills to earn more income by producing chocolate products, detergents and art decorations.

Asociación ACDS Warmis

This programme concerns integrated sustainable development to strengthen vulnerable Quechua families in Andes villages surrounding the city of Cajarmarca in North Peru. It aims to equip farmers with better agricultural techniques in order to cope with climatic and environmental changes. Quechua women attend literacy classes and generate income for their households with their small enterprises (production of crafts, etc). Their children and adolescents  receive education with values and attitudes of self-affirmation, confidence in themselves and others. The programme also promotes decision making and the non-violent resolution of conflicts by promoting social behavior.

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