Partnership performance review

One of the quality standards pursued by Tear is accountability. We believe that learning and being accountable to our stakeholders is key to deliver strong results and improve the quality of our work.

As part of this commitment we regularly ask our international partners to review our performance. In 2015 Tear requested Keystone – an international agency with ample expertise in INGO performance reviews - to conduct a partner satisfaction survey. This review was a follow-up to a similar review undertaken in 2012. Keystone invited all our Southern partners to provide feedback, and almost 70% of the partners generously provided us with their input. Keystone pulled the feedback on our performance in a final report, including recommendations for follow up. They also rated our performance against that of other INGOs, assessed by Keystone. Below we summarize the key findings from the review and the areas that require further follow up and improvement.

What do we do well

Partners appreciate Tear as an organisation that maintains respectful and sincere relationships with its partners. Core characteristics of Tear provided by partners include respectful, committed, accountable, influential and clear. Tear is considered open and supporting of partner’s strategies, though some partners indicated a desire to see increased involvement by Tear at strategic level within their organisations. Mostly valued is the overall value added of the support provided, and the respect shown to partners by Tear staff.

Regarding financial support, partners appreciate payment policies and timelines, including the willingness of Tear to contribute to core costs of organisations when needed. Partners appreciate Tear’s role as a connector, linking them to other relevant actors and organisations, for shared learning and enhanced quality. The administrative support received in by partners throughout the project management cycle is well appreciated, particularly support in terms of monitoring. Tear is viewed as an organisation, open for feedback and committed to learning.

Support to engage the church in local development work was rated as highly relevant by 77% of the respondents, confirming the need for Tear’s core business: building capacity to mobilise and engage churches in fighting poverty and injustice. Additionally, 64% of the respondent indicate being satisfied with the quality of this support, indicating that Tear has done a good job in pioneering and establishing this field of work with its partners for several years now.

What could we do better

Over the past years Tear has reduced its budget for organisational capacity building, due to changes in the funding landscape. The review shows that partners prefer Tear to increase its efforts in this area again.

Tear works with a variety of back donors that all have their own particular requirements for reporting and accountability. Partners recommended Tear to improve our communication with them on the varying particular donor demands that might apply. Some partners would like to see Tear step up in our international networking and advocacy efforts, something that’s currently not a core part of our experience. Other partners indicated a desire to be more involved in Tear’s own strategy development processes.

Some years ago Tear started to increasingly harmonize its partner policies and project management with Tearfund UK’s ways of working. Feedback provides a mixed image. Some highly appreciate the increased efficiency resulting from this harmonisation process, others prefer to maintain a direct relationship with Tear. Priorities for partners include support with fundraising, resource mobilisation and improving the financial viability of their organisations.

What is next?

A group of partners indicated their willingness to be involved in the follow up process. We have started a dialogue with our them and within our organisation to translate the recommendations into concrete proposals.

On this site we will inform you on next steps we’re taking to improve our performance and the quality of our work. 


Download the complete Partnership Performance Review

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