Working with partners

Tear has a partner led approach: we work in partnership with implementing organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America to combat poverty and injustice. Together we aim to transform people in the world who are in the greatest need. We do this by targeting the places of greatest poverty and working through faith based partners to seek out and help the most marginalised and vulnerable groups in those places.

We operate through local churches wherever we can, training and equipping them to end poverty and rebuild their communities. Our policy is to cooperate with like-minded partners who share this passion to envision and involve the local church. These partners work with a Christian conviction under these local communities regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnic origin or political persuasion.

We link our support to the existing or potential core competencies of our partners. We are also committed to enhancing the capacities of our local partner organisations and we are increasingly involving them in our policy-making processes.

Tear’s partnerships are built around the following principles: mutuality, autonomous organisational identity, shared vision, clear roles and responsibilities, devolution of power, streamlined administration, effective communications, mutual accountability, sustained commitment, inclusivity, flexibility and versatility, and effective follow-up.

Statement of identity - Members of the Tearfund Family

The Tearfund Family of agencies hold a common set of values and ways of working as they seek to reduce poverty and injustice in the world. This document outlines these shared identity markers which are foundational for the identity and reputation of “the Tearfund Family”.

Information for Tear partners

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