Our networks

Tear recognises that its work can have only a limited impact. This is because of the depth and extent of poverty, the complexity of its causes and the limited human, financial and other resources available. Therefore we participate in networks of like-minded agencies and communities. We are convinced that networking efforts add value to the work of all parties involved.

By embracing different points of view, combining complementary strengths and providing an enabling environment for mutual learning, we are able to achieve improved impact and benefit for the poor.

Tear recognises that networking and partnerships are consistent with the international move towards greater aid effectiveness, as reflected in the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005). This declaration is based on principles of ownership, alignment, result-oriented management, harmonisation and mutual accountability.

Our networks

International networks

 At the international level Tear is a member of Integral AllianceEU-CORD the Micah Network and WWSO.

On a bilateral level, Tear works very closely with Tearfund UK. This cooperation is based on a shared vision and values, and is built around a common network of implementing agencies in relief and development (co-funding) and knowledge management.

National networks

At the national level Tear is a member of Prisma, MissieNederland, Christelijk Noodhulpcluster and PerspActive. Tear is also a member of the Dutch Relief Alliance, a network of Dutch relief organisations, funded by the Dutch government.

Tear is the founding member of Micha Nederland, a national campaign on advocating righteousness, as part of the global Micah Challenge.

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