Anglican Church of Kenya

Church with a vision – ACK provides training to churches to collaborate with the local communities in addressing their problems (Umoja methodology). Many people have seen direct improvements in their economic situation, increased household food security or education over the last couple of years.   

Redeemed Gospel Church Development Programme

Community Development – RGCDP trains churches in 3 slums areas to work with their local community to address the problems they are facing (Umoja methodology). In addition people are becoming economically independent through participation in Village Saving Loan Groups. PLW-HIV/AIDS participate in support groups, RGCDP gives educational support to disadvantaged youth and malnourished children receive supplementary feeding and medical care, while their mothers get nutritional advice.

Farm Concern International

Food security – 50.000 smallholder farmers, particularly women and youth - from the Mount Kenya East region are trained by FCI to secure access to local markets for their produce. This project builds on a successful previous program (Umoja), which resulted in increased crop yields. The current programme helps farmers to organise and produce in such a way that they can secure a more sustainable income from their crops through improved local market linkages.

Food for the Hungry 

Food security – People in Marsabit County from the poor section of society are encouraged to form local Self Help Groups. The groups are supported through facilitators to develop their own vision, by-laws and chose their relevant activities. Through weekly meetings and weekly savings, people learn to know each other, and also build up a common fund. As time goes on, the group can start giving loans to its members. FH-Kenya is very positive about the empowerment that takes place through this programme.

This programme is supported through the partnership with the Dutch government on chronic crisis situations


Ontwerp & realisatie: Nilsson