Information for partners

Tear’s passion is to work with and through the local church. We facilitate, inspire and challenge local churches to help transform people’s lives materially and spiritually. Our policy is to cooperate with like-minded partners who share this passion to empower the local church in its fight against poverty and injustice.

How to apply

Tear normally operates by providing grants to implementing partners, either to finance a project or to provide organisational capacity building for the partner. This support is provided in response to a proposal written and submitted by the partner. We encourage partners to use the Micah Network format for proposal writing, either for the concept note or for the full proposal.

This proposal is assessed by Tear. If we approve it, we enter into a project agreement for the specific approved proposal. Funding for a project is undertaken on an annual basis, but is renewable for subsequent years.

Tear relies on private and institutional funding for its own financial resources. Depending on the source of income and the donor’s own policy, specific conditions may be applied when the grant is provided.

Projects submitted to Tear must at least fulfil the following basic conditions to qualify for acceptance:

  • The proposal and the project reflect a Christian identity based on Integral Mission.
  • The project fits with Tear’s vision, mission and portfolio.
  • There is a clear narrative proposal and a corresponding budget.

Address for applications:


Partner policy, Project agreement and General conditions can be forwarded on request

Partnership Performance Review

We are committed to being accountable to project participants, communities, partners, supporters and donors for the work we undertake and for the resources entrusted to us. As part of this commitment we regularly ask our international partners to review our performance. Read the summary of our 2015 Partnership Performance Review carried out by Keystone.

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