Tearfund and Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission

Emergency relief -  Due to two failed crop seasons in 2015 and the resulting death of animals, displacement of people in search for food and grazing for their animals, Tear, in collaboration with its Integral Alliance partner Tearfund, has responded with the Dutch Relief Alliance to provide food supplies in Fantale district, which is a very dry area in the East of the country. In all eighteen villages emergency food is being distributed to support the most vulnerable people in this crisis. A second phase distribution will be done in July 2016.

To 40 Self Help Groups in Fantale and 230 Self Help Groups in Shashemene, in our ongoing programme, a cash grant of $ 500 will be provided for emergency relief and recovery. This will take place in August 2016, to be evaluated later this year.

 This project is funded with relief funds from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Dutch Relief Alliance Joint Response 2 for Ethiopia. The SHG relief is funded from the Protracted Crisis partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The projects are implemented in partnership with Tearfund, our Integral Alliance Partner. The local partner is EKHCDC Relief department.

Ontwerp & realisatie: Nilsson