For many children and adults in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America access to education and training is not a common privilege. Tear supports local churches and Christian organisations that provide education and training programmes. Sometimes the education component is the main part of the programme, but often it is part of other development programme components related to training and extension  (e.g. agriculture, livelihood, healthcare,  HIV/AIDS and water and sanitation). The emphasis is on education for children, literacy and general education.


Tear supports educational programmes for children who for reasons such as caste, religion, language, poverty or distance have no access to schooling. For such projects it is important that an educational plan is used which falls within the national education system. This ensures that the children do not remain isolated but will be able to enter this  system.


Literacy projects are vitally important. Not only do people learn skills such as reading, writing and numeracy but also the education increases their feeling of self-esteem. Additionally they become more resilient, as a result of which they are in a better position to defend their interests. Literacy is therefore a precondition for a far wider development of the target group.

General education

Tear offers the possibility of following various formal and informal courses,  training and extension programmes in the area of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour. This education can be broad (for example, training in leadership and life skills) or specific (for example, a course in bookkeeping or in cultivating vegetables). This education preferably forms part of a wider relief  or development intervention by the partner organisation.

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