Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia

In this project local churches form networks that are trained to be prepared for disasters, mostly flooding of rivers. In two provinces villages are becoming less vulnerable through the activities the churches set up. Volunteers are trained to help with evacuation and first aid. Also rice banks are set up to be able to have food and seeds after the floods have gone away.

International Cooperation Cambodia

Partner ICC has a crucial role in the training of local churches: 50 church leaders are equiped with practical tools and the vision to bring people together in their villages and to get them to work on their own development. ICC and Tear also invest in bringing together and training organisations and churches in Cambodia that live out integral mission.

Wholistic Development Organisation

WDO works in 45 villanges together with local churches and the local people to bring safe drinking water, livelihood, health and other conditions for a dignified existence in rural Cambodia. WDO also trains 200 church leaders in 8 provinces to become an active church in their community. 

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