About us

Our goal is to help people lift themselves out of poverty and injustice. In this, we always use a person’s own plans and dreams as a starting point, and we encourage them to use their own means and creativity to fulfil these. We build strong communities and support them where needed. Developing self-confidence and giving people responsibility: it works, and is typical of Tear. 

We see doing justice as a mandate from God and so we help wherever we can, regardless of race, sex, nationality or religion. We offer help through a network of local organisations and churches. They know the culture and are close to the local people, which makes them best suited to realise lasting change. Worldwide, our projects include the areas of food security and income, social provisions, disaster risk reduction and emergency aid. 

We also encourage people in the Netherlands to stand up against poverty and injustice. Every choice for a pair of Fair Trade jeans, solar panels, eating less meat, or sharing your money makes the world a little better. In short, our mission is summarised in the promise we make: ‘We make God’s life-changing Kingdom visible by ending poverty and injustice.’

Our strategy

Ending poverty and injustice is no mean task, to say the least. Yet we believe it can be done. In collaboration with governments, thousands of organisations and millions of individuals, we are able to bring about lasting change by helping people stand up in their own right. We believe the way we live in the Netherlands directly affects the quality of life in developing countries, and vice versa. In our long-range policy 2016-2018, we have therefore chosen to focus on one single programme for use both abroad and in the Netherlands. We believe the same principles that apply abroad also apply in our own country. This annual report is the first one within the strategic framework of our 2016-2018 Policy.

The three pillars that support Tear’s strategy are:

  1. We help churches all over the world to develop a vision of their call to serve the community. We believe churches can play a key role in the fight against poverty by developing initiatives in this area and collaborating with the local community to develop their village or neighbourhood.
  2. In the countries where we work, we support Christian partner organisations in implementing their programmes for structural development and humanitarian aid. We also help our partners to build up their capacity.
  3. In the Netherlands we work on raising awareness among Christians and churches and encourage them to take up their responsibilities as world citizens. We encourage them to choose a lifestyle that has an eye for the interests of poorer communities in other parts of the world. We also try to influence local and European authorities to give vulnerable people a voice.

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